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Why Use JobServe's Optimize?

Advertise your job across the Jobg8 network

Your job will not only be advertised on Jobserve, but across the extensive Jobg8 network - both maximising your job's reach, and attracting a greater audience for your advert

Apply "killer questions" to the application form

Configure filter questions on your application form that candidates must answer when applying for your job

Reject candidates who do not pass your filters

Candidates who do not pass your filters will be deemed ineligible, but remain available for you to optionally review

You only pay for the candidates who pass your questions

You are only charged for the applications delivered to you, where the candidates have passed your filter questions and have indicated their eligibility and suitability for your role

Product Details

Optimize – The power of pre-filtered applications

Why waste time sorting through unwanted applications when you can Optimize your job advert?

By applying filters to your advert, only candidates passing your filtering criteria will be forwarded to you.

There are many filters to choose from so you can select the "killer question" you want and discard candidates who answer incorrectly.

All Optimized job adverts are sent out on the Jobg8 network so your advert will be seen by many more candidates - all of whom still need to pass the filters.

Optimizing your job advert is an easy 4 step process.

Our friendly customer care team are available to look after you, whether it is to help you post your advert on the site, or to guide you on how to make-the-most from the filtering process.

Optimizing your job advert will ensure you get value for money, as we only charge for applications that pass your filters and the cost per application is based upon the filters you add.