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JobServe now available for Android™

JobServe is now available on the Android platform!

Sitting alongside our recently updated mobile site and iOS apps, JobServe users can now enjoy a native Android experience with an app that allows you to search and apply for jobs on the go, wherever you are.

To download the app, search for JobServe in the Google Play™ Store on your phone - you can also find details of the app by clicking the image to the right.

Get it on Google Play

The app allows you to make the most of JobServe's services, including logging in, searching for jobs, managing your saved searches and applying for jobs - including via the job basket.

If you require additional assistance or think you have encountered an issue with your particular Android device please get in touch with us by either posting a message on our Google Group or via email.

Using the JobServe app

No matter where you are in the JobServe app the header will allow you to quickly jump to commonly used features in the app.

Tapping the JobServe logo or magnifying glass in the top left will take you to the search screen.

This icon will take you to the account screen, from here you can log in or out and manage your saved searches.

The settings icon takes you to the settings screen where you can adjust various settings such as how many jobs to return per page with separate settings for wi-fi browsing and mobile data browsing to help you get the most out of your mobile data allowance.

Access your JobServe account

You can log in to the JobServe app by tapping the profile icon and entering your login details. Remember, your JobServe password is case sensitive!

To login, enter your details into the fields and tap the login button.

If you are having trouble remembering your password you can request a password reset email via the link provided.

If you're not yet a user you can tap this link to open the registration page - alternatively you can just apply to a job logged out and we'll make an account for you.

Search for jobs

The Android app allows you to search in much the same way that you would do on the desktop website. You can flip between search results and the search form by swiping left and right or by tapping the headings.

Enter your search criteria into the fields provided.

If you have the feature enabled on your phone you can easily search for jobs in your nearby location by tapping the GPS icon. The location field will then be populated with your last known mobile location, or attempt to find it via GPS.

The cross icon will clear the search fields if you wish to make a new search from scratch.

The save icon will appear if you are logged in and allows you to save the search, ready for use later. This search will then be available for use in the saved searches screen, as well as on the desktop site. You can even save before running the search.

The search icon will run your search. After running the search this will change to a refresh icon, allowing you to update your results with any newly available jobs.

Manage your saved searches

The app allows you to create, overwrite and delete saved searches.

Your saved searches will appear as a list. Tap the name of the search you wish to run to execute the search.

The bell icon can be used to enable and configure notifications and email alerts for each of your saved searches. The number next to the bell icon refers to how many alerts you have set up.

If you no longer require a saved search you can remove it using the cross icon.

After running a search you may find you wish to edit the criteria. To do so, swipe right, or tap the 'Saved Search' heading when viewing your search results. You will be given the option to copy the search to create a new search based on your previous criteria or to clear your search to start from scratch.

To make a new saved search, enter your criteria into the search form and select the save icon, as shown above.

If you wish to replace an existing saved search, select your search from the drop down list.

If you wish to make a new search, enter your desired saved search name in the box provided.

Apply for jobs

Applying via the app is easy and just like the desktop site you can attach a CV and add a covering letter.

If you are logged in and have already uploaded a CV via the desktop site this CV will be available to you when applying, alternatively if you do not have one uploaded, or if you would like to attach a different CV then you can attach a CV that you have stored on your phone.

From the job detail screen tap the apply icon in the footer, or the apply button below the job information.

If you wish to apply for more than one job at a time, you can add the job to your basket by tapping the basket icon. A basket icon will then appear in the header, which can be tapped to access all of the jobs in your basket.

Add jobs to your basket

By using the job basket feature of the app you can save time by applying for multiple jobs with one single application. Jobs can be added to, or removed from, the basket by tapping the basket icon when viewing a job. Better yet, if you are logged in your basket is kept in-sync with your desktop job basket meaning you can add jobs to your basket on the go and apply to the jobs when you return to your desktop.

To select individual jobs tap the checkbox icon to the right of each job. You can also press and hold the job to view the job description.

Tap the delete icon to remove every ticked job.

To select all jobs, or to deselect the checked jobs in your basket tap the respective icons in the footer.

Tap the Apply for selected button to apply to the jobs you have selected.

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