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Job Seeker FAQs

Below are some answers to questions that you may find useful.


JobServe is a website dedicated to publishing job vacancies - in fact we’re the world’s first, formed in 1993 and first appearing online in 1994. Recruiters and employers pay to advertise their vacancies, job seekers can then quickly search through the thousands of new jobs that appear every day on the site and apply online for any that look suitable. For more information about JobServe click here.

By registering with JobServe you can save your searches, set up multiple instant/daily email notifications of new vacancies that match your search criteria and track the applications you’ve made through us. Registering also allows our unique job matching technology, known as Alchemy, to alert you to any job that you may be suitable for. You can store up to 10 Resumes and by ‘activating’ one of them, will also enable recruiters to find your details and consider you for their latest roles.

If you would like more information on how to make the most of the search and greatly improve the relevance of your results, click here.

Contact us here.

Almost every page on JobServe has a blue 'Share' link which can be found to the right hand side of the page. By clicking this you can choose to share the page you're currently viewing with a variety of social media platforms - as well as emailing a direct link to a friend. Alternatively, if you're viewing a job detail page you can copy the 'permalink' and pass that to your friend.

We genuinely appreciate feedback from our job seekers, and to further promote this we have a dedicated website - Your Voice, through which we encourage such feedback and discussion.

Yes - we have a range of apps available free of charge for iPod/iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Our dedicated mobile website is also available for any compatible web enabled device (


No - you can apply for a job without registering and we will keep your details confidential.

Every job has an online application form provided, making it quick and easy to apply immediately to any job viewed on our website. Just click on the ‘Apply’ button!

Yes - you can apply for up to 25 jobs at the same time by using the Job Basket. After performing a search simply add the jobs you’re interested in to the Job Basket by clicking the Basket icons.

All of the information that is displayed on a job description is provided by the recruiter themselves, so if there is something further that you would like to know about a specific job vacancy we suggest that you contact the recruiter directly (if they have given their contact details).

If you would like to know more about the progress of your application (i.e. if you were accepted/declined for a job) you will need to contact the recruiter themselves who advertised the job vacancy with JobServe. Unfortunately, JobServe are unable to provide any details relating to the progress of your application.

Yes - if you are registered with JobServe you can see a list of your previous applications by logging in to your job seeker profile, followed by clicking the Applications link within the My JobServe menu.

After completing the application for one or more jobs, your details, Resume and cover letter (if provided) will be sent immediately to the recruiter by email. It is then the recruiter’s responsibility to contact you regarding the status of your application.

At JobServe, we encourage our recruiters to provide a response to all job applications, but unfortunately this does not always happen. If you have recently applied for a job vacancy and have not heard from the recruiter, you may wish to contact them directly for an update as JobServe are unable to provide you with this kind of information.

If the recruiter has provided their contact details while advertising the vacancy, they will be displayed within the full job detail page. However, if the vacancy is no longer being advertised, any available contact details will be displayed for a limited time within your Applications page, found within the My JobServe menu.

It is recommended that while applying for jobs that you should always select the ‘Send confirmation of my application’ option. Once you receive this email it is a confirmation that your application has been sent successfully from JobServe to the recruiter and has also been successfully received by the recruiter’s email server. If you have any concerns that the recruiter may not have received your application, you may wish to contact them via email or a phone call.

If you selected the option while applying this will generally mean that your application has been successfully sent from JobServe but the email may be waiting in an email queue, you should expect to receive it shortly. Alternatively, it could be that your application email contained an image file (.GIF) that may have been considered a threat by the recipient’s mail system, so it may have been blocked. In these unlikely circumstances, you may wish to contact the recruiter to confirm with a follow-up email or phone call.

Your Account

If you have forgotten your login password, please click here. For further assistance, please contact us.

Update your personal details by logging into your job seeker profile and click the My JobServe > Settings menu link.

You can change your registered email address by logging into your job seeker profile and clicking the My JobServe > Settings menu link at the top of the page, once at the Settings page click the Change Login Details link. Please note that once you have changed your registered email address, you will need to use it the next time you login.

You can change your login password by logging into your job seeker profile and clicking the My JobServe > Settings menu link at the top of the page, once at the Settings page click the Change Login Details link. Please note that once you have changed your login password, you will need to use it the next time you login.

You can completely delete your job seeker profile from JobServe by logging into your job seeker profile and clicking the My JobServe > Settings menu link at the top of the page. Once at the Settings page scroll down to the Delete Your Account heading, where you must first confirm by selecting the checkbox followed by clicking the Delete button. Please note that this will delete all of your personal details as well as any Saved Searches, Resumes and Jobs by Email subscriptions. For further assistance please contact us.

'Notifications' are displayed as a red bubble at the top of the page whilst logged in to your Job Seeker profile. They allow us to provide you with job count updates for any of your saved searches as well as other relevant service notifications.

Your Profile and Resume

If you would like to upload your existing Resume to JobServe, click here.

No - when you upload a Resume it will speed up the job application process, but we don’t automatically make it public, you have full control over who sees it.

You can make your Resume searchable via Access Settings. This is accessible via the My Profile tab, or if you already have a searchable Resume you can click the '[change]' link beneath your searchable Resume in the Resumes tab.

If you do not have a Profile, you will need to create this first, but you are free to let recruiters search your uploaded Resume file rather than your profile.

Making your profile ‘searchable’ will allow potential employers to approach you directly and consider you for relevant jobs that are not yet advertised. It will also add your profile details to Alchemy, our powerful job-matching service. Your skills, experiences, preferences and job hunting activities are constantly compared to new vacancies published on JobServe - when it finds an ideal match the job details are emailed to you and it’s up to you if you want to apply.

To upload your Resume to JobServe it must be less than 2MB (Megabytes) in size. If your Resume document is larger than this you may want to make sure there are no pictures or complex table arrangements in your document which could increase the file size.

To upload your Resume to JobServe it must be saved in one of the following compatible file formats: RTF, TXT, PDF, DOC or DOCX. While saving your document, you can usually select one of these compatible file formats by using the "Save As" option. These file type restrictions exist as they are the most commonly used file formats used by our recruiters.

To remove your Resume from JobServe you will first need to login to your job seeker profile, then click on the Resumes tab. You can remove a specific Resume by clicking Delete within the Actions menu.

My Profile is your dynamic online Resume where you can manage all of your details online and update it with ease. Once you have completed your profile you can apply to jobs with it and even generate a professional Resume by exporting it as a Microsoft Word compatible (docx) or PDF file.

If you would like to learn more about My Profile, click here.

Job Searches / Jobs By Email

This is a great way to speed up the job hunting process. To save a search simply click on the Save icon on any results page and you’ll be prompted to log in or register if you’ve not already done so. You can save as many searches as you like with different criteria and give each one a unique name to help you identify it later on.

Use the search tool to find vacancies that match what you’re looking for and refine the results, if necessary. Then simply click on the Alert icon on any results page and you’ll be prompted to log in or register if you’ve not already done so. New vacancies will be sent to you daily or instantly, whichever you prefer.

If you are looking for employment in another country, simply click 'Change' link at the top right of the window and choose a different country from the list. Alternatively, if you would like to search for jobs in multiple countries within a single search, simply click the 'Add more countries' link on the job search panel. More details are available here.

Each of the emails you receive will have an ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email. Clicking this link will permanently stop the emails.

Alchemy is the latest generation of our job matching technology, the way it works is unique, it learns how a job seeker is using our site; what searches are carried out and jobs applied for, locations, salary etc. It then checks every new job vacancy when it’s published on the site to see if it matches the profile of the job seeker. If a match is found, an email is sent to the individual.

If you would like to permanently unsubscribe from receiving these emails, please contact us. However, if you would just like to temporarily stop receiving these emails, you can click on the "2 Weeks", "1 Month" or "3 Months" delay links at the bottom of the emails.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions or issues that are not answered above, please contact us by email or telephone.